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Palm Beach

Frederikshavn's famous Palm Beach is just one of the lovely, child-friendly bathing beaches that stretches northward from Frederikshavn. In addition to the palm trees and the city beach (within cycling distance from the downtown area - borrow a bicycle), there are also 8 beach volleyball areas (bring your own ball), barbecue grills, dunes and sunbeds, and parasols. Read more.


Skagen has adventures for the whole family, 365 days a year. In Skagen, you will find some of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches, a lively city, inspiring museums and beautiful natural surroundings. Read more.


Sæby is a little cultural gem, with a lovely old town centre. This is an idyllic market town with working artists, a seaport with fishing boats, seafood restaurants, a seafront boardwalk, museums, golf courses and green forests. Read more.


Læsø has maintained its original peace and natural beauty. Here, you can return to a forgotten era, where people picked berries for their evening supper and bought fresh vegetables and eggs at a roadside country market on the way home from the beach. Read more.


The Bangsbo area invites you to enjoy a world of experiences Splendid nature, historical buildings, peaceful, idyllic surroundings, culture, gastronomy, scenic viewpoints, hiking trails, natural playgrounds, animal life and botany. Read more.


The Nordsøen Oceanarium in Hirtshals is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. Experience the gigantic Oceanarium which consists of 4.5 million litres of water, and explore schools of marine animals. Read more.

Eagle World

It is here history takes wing, in the most literal sense. Children and adults alike will be thrilled by the unique presentation of large Nordic birds of prey, such as the golden eagle, white-tailed eagle, gyrfalcon and peregrine falcon, and their extraordinary hunting techniques and cooperation with humans. A hunting technique and cooperation that the ancient Greeks, Vikings and of course kings and noblemen have revered for thousands of years. Read more.

Arena Nord

Arena Nord is a cultural, conference and sports centre located in Frederikshavn. Frederikshavn has a unique location by the Kattegat sea, with ferries to various places in the northern regions. Arena Nord, with an area of 7000 m2, is the largest cultural, conference and sports centre north of Limfjorden. Read more.